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We Are Wildfang

As a multilingual company with over 10 years of experience in the field, we’re spezialised in educational videos and audio recordings.
Apart from our E-learning projects we’re also producing commercials, image films, sales presentation and audio books.

Whether you need the all-inclusive package or just want to outsource part of your production – as an international full-service agency, no project is too small or big for us. Your project appeals to our enthusiasm and passion, no matter what task you assign us. We will get maximum quality out of every budget.

Have a look at our Portfolio and get back to us for an obligation-free quote!

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    wildfang-sensus-halmstad-ekre-ludwig-laxvik-dreharbeiten-team-komplett_s wildfang-sensus-halmstad-ekre-ludwig-danska-fall-dreharbeiten-team_s wildfang-sensus-halmstad-ekre-ludwig-nolltrefem_01 wildfang-sensus-halmstad-ekre-ludwig-laxvik-dreharbeiten-s11 wildfang-sensus-halmstad-ekre-ludwig-picassoparken_s01

Our most interesting project so far!

Together with 12 young people from Syria and Afghanistan and thanks to the financing through Sensus and the Halmstad Community, we where able to realize our most interesting project so far!

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Event tip: Cécile Rose!

On the occasion of the vernissage “With Love from Paris” with photos from Jörg Steinbach, our friend Cécile Rose is going to sing French Chansons.  Like always, she’ll be accompanied  by her wonderful accordeonist Valerie Khoryshman. Place of event: Atelier für Photographie Christburger Straße 18 10405 Berlin 7pm We had the honour to edit Cécile’s showreel:  

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Two awards for ‘Ministry of Guilt’!

The short film “Ministry of Guilt” has been selected to FILM OF THE WEEK by NFRR and won the BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM award at the DC Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC.
The Film produced by Matthew Bartlett and directed by Detsky Graffam has been edited by: Wildfang’s Helena Ekre *TADAA!!*

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The book release of “The Bread Exchange”

Today, the book about Malin Elmlid’s project “the Bread Exchange” was released also for the German market. Our Helena supported the image film to the book release with filming and editing.

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Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

On behalf of Eobiont GmbH and K17 Films, we’ve co-produced the commercial for the campaign “Rauchmelder retten Leben” (“Smoke Detectors Save Lives”)!

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Here we go again!


The shooting of the third “Pluspunkt” project has just begun.

(DaF Niveau B1)

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Bound fot the land of Köttbullar!

Helena is heading north! Together with SayIt Educational Media she’ll be shooting grammar videos and a new text book sales presentation for Swedish Studentlitteratur.

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    Echter-Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Geweih-Marcello-italienisches-Restaurant-Schöneberg Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Brandenburger-Tor Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Hauptstrasse-VW-Passat-Kühlkissen Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Hinterhof-Umzug-Möbelpacker Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Jessica-Gabory Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Juxirkus-Schöneberg Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Makeup-Marcello-Schöneberg-Diner-Filmton-schöner-Rücken Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Makeup-Marcello-Schöneberg Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Mitte-Grundschule-Arkonaplatz Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Potsdamer-Platz-Arkaden Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Spione-Heinrich-Lassen-Park Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-St-Joseph-Krankenhaus-Robert-Fuhrman Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Technisches-Museum Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Theodor-Heuss-Bibliothek-Kinderbücher-Kinder Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Tischtennis-Heinrich-Lassen-Park Wildfang-Video-Produktion-Panorama-A2-Cornelsen-Verlag-Berlin-Wohnzimmer-Marc-Blum-Jessica-Gabory

The shooting of “PANORAMA A2” completed!

The shooting for the second book of the new product series “PANORAMA – Deutsch als Fremdsprache” for the German publishing house “Cornelsen” is now completed. The series aims for adults studying German and we here at Wildfang feel very happy about the opportunity to produce the film material associated with this product!

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Panorama A1 release

Today the first course book for “Panorama – Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (German as a foreign language) was released, and we at Wildfang are proud to say that we’ve produce the associated videos!

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London calling!

Wildfang’s Helena is in London to shoot with Mr. Magic!

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… and there was light!

In the midst of the shooting of the new production “Pluspunkt A2 – Deutsch als Zweitsprache”for the German publishing house Cornelsen Verlag, we suddenly got this Sign from Above: Camera assistant Clemens is THE CHOSEN ONE! 🎥😇👍

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Multilingual week at Wildfang!

A German-Swedish-Italian-American Co-Production in Berlin!

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17 E04_Anhang

Postproduction of “Pluspunkt Deutsch – Leben in Deutschland, Level A1” finished!

We’re trying not to sink too deep into a self-praising mode but the finished material we just examined looks really good and it will surely boost the sales of the book, wich will be released in May 2016. Just according to the motto of this product: “Simply good!” ; )

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Multi award winning “Children of Sodom” at the Bosphorus Film Festival

York-Fabian Raabe’s multi awardwinnig short film “Children of Sodom” – for which our Helena accomplished the editing – has been picked into Bosphorus Film Festival’s official choice.

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The publishing house “Cornelsen” released “Prima Plus”!

We are proud to be a part of the video contributions to another product release from the German publishing house Cornelsen Verlag, This is our third video production for the “Prima” series.

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Book release of Studentlitteratur’s “Na Klar!”

The german course book “Na Klar!, Vol. 4” has been released by the Swedish publishing house “Studentlitteratur”. Wildfang has In Cooperation with “TAOS Music” produced the audio recordings for the enclosed CD and online contents.

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