Our most interesting project so far!

Together with 12 young people from Syria and Afghanistan and thanks to the financing through Sensus and the Halmstad Community, we where able to realise our most interesting project so far!

Based on Helena’s concept and idea to make a film that shows that no matter gender, age, political views or cultural background, we humans are all sharing the same wishes and emotions, in everybody’s own individual images.  After three weeks of interviews and filming in Sweden, the result is this emotional, wordless short film.

We had a fantastic time, met wonderful people, made friends and we’re very happy to have been able to make this inspiring experience.

The postproduction will be finished very soon and we’re looking forward to the premiere screening on September 29th at the “Kulturnatt” in Halmstad!

Reza, Abood, Selma, Omar, Anna Carin, Marwan, Heba, Mahdi, Mia, Weaam, Reza, Muhammad, Belal, Alex (J), Sara, Sofia, Felicia, Kajsa, Felix –
thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us! See you soon!