Video Production

Our strengths are a fast, target-oriented and uncomplicated way of working – plus you won’t find a more friendly and efficient team! Long-term experience and a big, international network enable us to offer a wide spectrum of services. We focus our approach around your wishes: we will accompany you every step of the way up to your finished product. You can participate in the process, or lean back and let us deal with the whole package.


We take over all the necessary organisation before the shoot, like arranging props and costumes or clarifying bureaucratic and legal issues like contracts and shooting permissions.

We know the city of Berlin like the back of our hands! Moreover, we have great contacts all over the world. So, finding the perfect location for your production is a walk in the park.

A goal-directed casting and our broad portfolio of international actors and voice-over talents enable us to find just the right match for the role.


Thanks to years of experince and cooperating with creative film professionals in the areas of directing, camera, light, sound and photography, we tailor a well-practised team around the demands of your production, we react to your ideas and ensure everything on set will run smoothly.

Despite detailed planning, unforeseen challenges will sometimes arise. This is when our immense ability to improvise comes in. It enables us to meet even the most peculiar situation on set fearlessly and find fast solutions that will not break the bank!

Editing & Post-Production

Post-production is also part of our one-stop show.

We will process and deliver everything from our own studio, including the edit, colour correction, mastering, transcoding, subtitling, adding background music and sound editing all the way to your desired end format.

More about our in-house editor here: