Two awards for ‘Ministry of Guilt’!

The short film “Ministry of Guilt” has been selected to FILM OF THE WEEK by NFRR and won the BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM award at the DC Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC.

The Film produced by Matthew Bartlett and directed by Detsky Graffam has been edited by: Wildfang’s Helena Ekre *TADAA!!*

This darkly humorous short thriller is set against the nightmarish scenario of 24/7 surveillance, privacy invasion and those dark thoughts that keep us awake at night. Sam Smith is woken by the late-night delivery of threatening notes through his letterbox. Each note more disturbing than the last. What did you do, Sam? The clock is ticking.

Starring Alex Beckett (W1A, Twenty Twelve, Youth) as Sam, the film explores an increasingly paranoid fear; are we really being watched? Or is it all in our mind?

Produced in association with K17 Films

NRFF London – Film of the Week