… and there was light!

In the midst of the shooting of the new production “Pluspunkt A2 – Deutsch als Zweitsprache”for the German publishing house Cornelsen Verlag, we suddenly got this Sign from Above: Camera assistant Clemens is THE CHOSEN ONE???

Berlin has so much to offer, the choice of shooting locations is always a cakewalk!  Amongst others we’re going to shoot in fantastic cocktail bar Maigold in Merseburger Straße, Berlin Schöneberg (BTW we highly recommended the “Berlin at Night” with home made chili vodka).  You should definitively swing by!

Warm thanks go out to Klix – Kleine Sachen / Odeon und die York Kinogruppe / Gustav-Langenscheidt-Schule / Trockland Management GmbH for their uncomplicated cooperation and support.


4 E09 Clip 11 Wildfang-Videoproduktion-Cornelsen-Verlag-DaF_Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache-Gustav-Langenscheidt-Schule-Tai-Chi-Backstein 7 E04 Clip 5 15 E06 Clip 8 Wildfang-Videoproduktion-Cornelsen-Verlag-DaF_Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache-Odeon-Kino-Berlin-Schöneberg-2 Wildfang-Videoproduktion-Cornelsen-Verlag-DaF_Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache-Odeon-Kino-Berlin-Schöneberg 38 E01 Clip 250 E12_DT