Multi award winning “Children of Sodom” at the Bosphorus Film Festival

York-Fabian Raabe’s multi awardwinnig short film “Children of Sodom” – for which our Helena accomplished the editing – has been picked into Bosphorus Film Festival’s official choice.

Amongst others, the film achieved the award for best short-documentary at the Wendland-Shorts Filmfestival.

This film shows one specific part of Ghana that is not exemplary for the whole country. Ghana is the most upcoming country in West Africa. High spirits, hospitality and a respectful communal life are only a view positive attributes of the Ghanaian society.

„Children of Sodom“ shows one day in the lives of the two friends Oko and Kojo*. They are two of approximately 30.000 street children, who live around the electronic waste yard Agbogbloshi within Ghana‘s capital Accra. In order to extract the valuable metals they collect them from the ground or dismantle electronic devices. Most of the devices come from the Western world.

This documentary takes a special conceptual approach. It separates the cinematic experience from it‘s informative documentary nature. The film itself concentrates on the experience Agbogbloshi. There is no music, no speaker and nearly any written information. These information is given to the audience through this website. On the “Follow the Film” page you can follow the film through screenshots added with all the infos not given in the film.”